About Us


Hi there, I’m Suwah and welcome to Suacoco Candle Company!

We manufacture and sell handcrafted scented container candles that are hand-poured in New Jersey, USA.

We take pride in using quality ingredients; key ingredients used in our products are listed below.


Our Brand Mission

Our brand exists with two missions in mind:

  • To handcraft exceptional scented candles that fills your space with captivating aromas, ignite your imagination, and brightens your everyday life. We achieve this by sourcing the finest quality ingredients described above. We aim to be your trusted companion in creating ambiance, relaxation, and moments of serenity.

  • To pay it forward by donating portions of the profits from every candle sale. We aspire to be more than just a candle company. As an individual living with a rare congenital condition (Fibrous Dysplasia), I’ve been tremendously blessed through the generosities of my family members and many others. That’s why a core part of our goal is giving back to charitable organizations that inspire us. With every candle you purchase, you’re not just indulging in luxury; you’re
    also contributing to a meaningful and impactful change. Visit our Philanthropy page for information charitable organization that we support.

 Join us as we light the way to a world of fragrant possibilities and positive change, one candle at a time.